We are a small company with deep experience developing and telling brand stories. From developing concepts to producing video content, our work with civic, culture, education, healthcare, and socially-conscious consumer brands utilizes our empathic and studied approach to craft narratives that bring together community and serve a greater need.
Our passion for making a difference drives us, We are always reaching for the best ways to create meaning and work toward a better world.

Tony Grob

Tony is a story designer. His blend of vision, strategy, creativity and care for community, draws on 25+ years as a designer and filmmaker. He provides the vision of a storyteller, the guidance of a strategist, and the expertise of a designer. He knows the value of balancing quality work and smart thinking, with relationship-building and family. Father to an amazing four-year-old girl and an adorable four-month old boy, he’s a passionate photographer and traveler, who’s always looking to deeply connect with the world.

Meg McHutchison

Drawing on a lifetime of experience with working with narrative, Meg provides the finely-tuned sensitivity and creative perspective of an interdisciplinary artist, the depth of a strategist, and offers as well the organized and practical approach of an experienced producer to all of our work. She is irrepressibly curious, and deeply committed to the communities where she works and lives. Meg has been officiating life’s important passages for over 20 years.