Tacoma Art Museum

Connecting A Collection

German citizens and long-time Tacoma residents Erivan and Helga Haub amassed one of the greatest collections of art of the American west over the past few decades. They then announced their intention to not only give the entire collection to the Tacoma Art Museum but also to fund the construction of the new wing large enough to house the collection.

There are many challenges that a museum faces in its lifetime, maintaining relevance, building new audiences, improving their collections, insuring their financial wellbeing.

Our work was to assist the museum in serving their long-term objectives while communicating about the new collection and space. We crafted an orientation video that visitors could view before entering the new galleries. The goals of the video were to make the new collection relevant to Tacoma and the museum, provide context and information for the collection, and introduce the benefactors the collection and wing are named after.