We ask people tell their own stories.

Gaining a deep understanding

We work to find solutions that are a true fit. Our approach takes from design anthropology and ethnography, and centers around our skill as interviewers and deep listeners. In learning how people perceive and interact with the world around them, whether at home, at work, or focused on a particular area, we can better understand specific aspects of their world. We develop insight into their work and workplace, and their relationship to those things.


Our first step is to collect all relevant materials and knowledge for each project. We develop a context brief to ensure everyone is on the same page and working toward the same objectives. Our research deepens our understanding and establishes a baseline to compare our findings with.


We spend time talking with as many people as we can to develop a nuanced and rich portrait of the subject at hand. Over the course of hundreds of interviews we’ve conducted we have developed a style that is both informal and deep. Our conversations yield an honest sharing of experiences, feeling and personal insights.


The collected interviews provide a wealth of information that builds a meaningful understanding. The insights contributed by the individuals, along with the insights generated through our analysis provide real and tangible basis for making decisions, choosing a direction and developing solutions.