Stories that work toward a common goal

What story to tell, when to tell it, and does it serve your organizational narrative and objectives are critical questions to ask.

We look at the near and long-term, from a bird’s-eye perspective to an on-the-ground view to develop a narrative strategy that is cohesive, effective and efficient.

The Big Picture

The view from up here is great!
For each project, no matter the scale or degree of complexity, finding the view that let’s us see all of it and the surrounding context is key. Being able to see how all the pieces lay out, finding conflicts and gaps, and identifying existing relationships and opportunities helps to steer the project in the best direction and guide ground-level decisions.

The Details

Narrative is more than the sum of it’s parts. But only as strong as it’s weakest link.
To craft the strongest narrative each of its stories must be looked at individually to test for clarity, durability, relevance, and engagement potential. This attention to detail ensures every component of your narrative succeeds on its own and is doing it’s part to advance the goals of the big picture.