College Success Foundation

Getting into College and into Life

College Success Foundation had spent a decade creating a model for getting kids into college that never believed college was even a possibility for them. They created a model that could work in nearly any school district. They believed that if you could mentor middle school students to develop a college going mindset, then as high school students help them through the forms and application that lead to scholarships and financial aid, then as college students help them connect with and thrive through their undergraduate experience.

When College Success Foundation celebrated their 10th Anniversary is was more of coming out party than a birthday celebration. They had achieved great success through programs they developed or administered through other organizations. We helped them find their own story and tell it to an audience of 800 education leaders, government officials, and donors. Through a carefully scripted interwoven set of onstage voices and video stories we shared the story of how CSF began, how significant the founders were to their success, how the Gates Foundation support helped them build a proven and replicable model, and how CSF is poised to take that model to more school districts and keep more of our youth from falling of the radar and get them into college and out into the world.