Oregon State University

Amplifying Quiet Pride

Oregon State University, a research powerhouse located in Corvalis, Oregon was starting the largest capital campaign in its history. The campaign would advance the university to world-class in many areas. What not enough people knew was that OSU was already creating important impact all over Oregon, throughout the region and around the globe. They were so busy doing this work they hadn’t spent much time bragging. OSU had a quiet pride in its many accomplishments.

Our goal was to amplify that pride and communicate how OSU has been doing critical work for our environment, for energy, in engineering, in healthcare, and being a symbol of pride for residents and alumni all over.

We created a multimedia program delivered by the teachers, students and community members themselves. Three-channel video brought every corner of the state into the program and a story video showcased that work and the overall talking points brought home the inescapable fact that no matter where you live, what you do, or where you went to school, your life has been impacted the work, teachers and students of OSU.

The public launch was a huge success and led to the largest fundraising quarter in the university’s history.