Prescott Frost Organic Farms

Creating Change One Cow At A Time

Changing the attitudes and methods in modern farming is a long-term effort. Our work with Prescott Frost, grandson of famed poet Robert Frost, started in the early days of organic, grass-fed beef and continues as more and more growers are changing the way they grow crops and raise animals for food.

When we created Prescott Frost’s brand introduction film it was a time when farmers distrusted the organic movement. The Frost family farm, in southern Illinois was right in the middle of the industrial farming world. Archer’s Daniel Midland, Monsanto, John Deere all had deep roots into all the communities. Farmers were not eager to go against the tide and convert their operations to organic.

Today, Prescott Frost farms has moved to the beautiful and fertile lands of north central Nebraska, home to the Ogallala Aquifer, and in the news of late a grass-roots movement has been fighting the XL oil pipeline project. Much has changed since their move. They are no longer alone in the grass-fed beef industry, organic foods has become a multi-billion dollar industry, and rather than taking their brand story directly to growers and end-users, they tell their story through short videos on social media.

We have a long way to go in rebuilding our food production into a sustainable model that is friendly to animals, the earth and us, but we have made some great strides in the right direction.