Swedish Medical Center Foundation asked us to help launch the public phase of their largest capital campaign ever. We wanted to showcase the amazing work that Swedish does for all members of our community. By askingĀ the community to share their stories with us we were able to hear the many ways that Swedish has saved lives and kept our families healthy.

With all these great stories to tell we wanted to make sure that all the guests to the public launch event would have opportunity to connect with as many as possible. There was a lot of story to tell for this launch. We crafted scripts forĀ all the speakers, created story videos and multimedia, and designed interactive kiosks and centerpieces.

All those elements worked together to tell the campaign story from the moment guests arrived, throughout the reception, and for the main differ program. By the end of the evening the hundreds of guests leaned in to hear Eric Liu introduce guest speakers, short videos, and tie all the stories together. The launch was a great success and lay the groundwork for all the stories told over the next few years.