Swedish built from the ground up a really special hospital in Issaquah. It features an energy-efficient building, a completely redesigned emergency services experience, services centralized around the patients, and more health care delivery innovations around every corner.

For their grand opening Swedish/Issaquah had two primary objectives. First, was to make sure people understood this was not a “satellite” or typical suburban hospital. Second, was to start signing up as many new patients and possible.

Our goal was to tell the story of this new campus as clearly as possible and to directly engage visitors with the technology, methods, and services. Rather than throw a big party we turned the whole hospital into a visitors center. You could choose between, guided or self-guided tours, we created special electronic cards that collected and delivered more info for you with each “tap”. Every part of the facility was labeled with explanations and descriptions.

Best of all, people came and stayed the whole day and Swedish greatly exceeded their expectations for sign-ups.