One of the things we love about collaboration are the times we get to put together awesome teams! For the Swedish Issaquah grand opening we needed a special team that would be in charge of getting as many of the thousands of visitors as possible hooked up with branded RFID cards. The  cards had two main purposes. First, was getting visitors used to the idea that excellent customer service was very important to Swedish, and secondly was the goal of letting visitors learn as much as they wanted about the new hospital and its services. There was a third important objective which was to get as many people signed up to stay connected with Swedish Issaquah and Swedish in general. That’s really where our special team shined!

We needed people with great enthusiasm and spirit, excellent people skills, and who were quick studies and quick thinkers. We immediately thought of the students who were part of the University of Washington’s Dream Project. These students spent at least one full quarter learning how to mentor high school students, then went out to area high schools to help students get into college. They had an orientation session, and onsite training for an hour the day of the big opening.

Team RFID was awesome and did an amazing job for us. They had nearly 5,000 email sign ups on site, which was nearly twenty-five percent of all visitors! A typical amount would have been between ten to fifteen percent! They really brought their “A” game.

Thank you Dream Project!