The EMP Museum hosted music legends Crosby, Stills and Nash, honoring them with the 2013 Founder’s Award. One awesome part of this year’s founder’s award evening was a focus on the young musicians that EMP’s community and educational programs serve. A band comprised of local high-school students, who met through EMP Museum programs, performed a medley of CSN songs. At the end of their set Graham Nash joined them onstage to congratulate them on their performance, a moment that really brought home EMP’s goals of celebrating the creative process, engaging imagination, and inspiring personal expression in future generations.

In Nash’s autobiography Wild Tales he describes a important moment in his early years as a young hopeful musician meeting his music idols the Everly Brothers. They gave him encouragement.  It was a moment that Nash said changed his life. “After that night, I swore to myself that if I ever became famous and met fans, I would talk to them like the Everly Brothers talked to me and validated my very being,”

That’s exactly what a packed EMP Museum Skychurch audience saw at the 2013 Founder’s Award.