Healthcare has been one of the key topics in the news and in our lives for much of the past decade. Healthcare systems have been focusing on how to better serve our communities resulting in many changes in the way care delivered and in creating greater access to it. We had the opportunity to look at three programs that are both successful and effective at achieving better delivery and access to care for our communities. As part of the 2014 Destination Swedish fundraising luncheon we created a video that highlights the Ballard Teen Health Clinic in Ballard High School, the incredible family residency program that trains new doctors, and the Swedish Community Specialty Care Clinic that provides high-quality specialized treatment and medical services to those who have no access to those services. These innovative solutions for healthier communities have had great impact for our youth, families, and the most vulnerable in our communities. We are excited that the event raised $920,000 to keep these vital programs funded.

Visit the Swedish Medical Center Foundation’s Innovative Solutions for Healthier Communities page to watch the video and learn more.