We are in the midst of updating a DVD called My Next Steps that we created in 2009 for the UW Autism Center and the UW’s early intervention and research effort Readilab.  The DVD was given out statewide to parents just receiving an autism diagnosis.

As part of this project we convened a group of parents to talk with us. They were all parents whose children received a diagnosis of autism. In speaking with them we wanted to know what information they found most helpful in understanding and navigating the early part of the journey they undertook. We also wanted their perspective on how we could be more effective in delivering that information.

After a few hours and several containers of take-out Italian food we learned a lot and are so thankful for the courage, honesty and generosity of these parents. Their input will significantly impact our project.

We can’t wait for the end of this project and to be able to share the new DVD.